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What are Long Haul Covid Symptoms?

Long Term Post Covid Symptoms List is +200 and the growing list of the best Global Long Haul Treatment Centers, and questions our members have about recovery. Covid Center of Excellence Information provides a long haul covid forum. We are a Covid Long Haul Support Group of Coronavirus Long Haul Fighters and Medical Professionals who help address long haul symptom issues.

WebMD Health News article: ” Programs Help COVID Long Haulers Recover” written by Kathleen Doheny offers great awareness advanced support and intelligence for tackling the growing list of Covid Long Haul symptoms.

Would Covid Ever End?

Coronavirus is new, and the world Covid definitions and guidelines frequently cause confusion and concern for patients. We share as we learn, to help encourage discovery and best practices sharing for when, and how, true health recovery from Coronavirus is possible.


Coronavirus COVID 19 COE notes a necessary distinction in definitions of “recovery” to reduce confusion and misunderstanding:

Traditional Medical

To regain health after illness; to regain a former state of health

May refer to test indicators, as well as regaining initial state of health

Covid Clinical

To regain a negative Covid Test after initial positive Covid Diagnosis, and remain “traditional” Covid Symptom

Test negative for COVID after initial Positive test. Regaining initial state of “traditional” Covid Symptom free for 10 days and Fever Free for 24 Hours.”

Why am I still sick, if clinically defined as recovered?

CDC reports “recovery” to the point patients can be around others after:

  • 10 days since symptoms first appeared and
  • 24 hours with no fever without the use of fever-reducing medications and
  • Other symptoms of COVID-19 are improving* unless
  • When you are severely ill with COVID-19 might need to stay home longer up to 20 days after symptoms first appeared except when
  • Persons who are severely ill and immunocompromised need to talk to your healthcare provider to determine if your situation warrants additional testing and when or if you can resume being around other people based on the results of your testing. when Long Haul Symptoms persist
  • Your doctor may work with an infectious disease expert or your local health department to determine whether testing will be necessary before you can be around others.
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What is a Long Hauler?

A Long Haul Covid Patient does not fit a clean cut definition for standard recovery. They may or may not fit the standard definition, but the one thing that defines them is that they still suffer symptoms they did not have before their Positive Covid Diagnosis. They may suffer symptoms regardless of tests:

  • They may continue to test positive and not recover according to the standards
  • They may test negative and still suffer the standard ongoing symptoms
  • They may be defined as clinically recovered coronavirus, yet still suffering new and varied symptoms they did not initially present with.
  • They have have experienced a positive and asymptomatic recovery within 2 weeks, followed by new and intense symptoms after they are clinically defined as recovered.

Persistent fatigue and symptoms can continue in vast and varied. Coronavirus Long Hauler Patients suffer long-term symptoms, long after what the medical community ‘defines’ as “recovered” from a positive coronavirus illness. There is not always correlation of the severity of initial symptoms to the persistent Long Haul Symptoms.


Long Haul COVID-19 care programs include:

FAQs about Long Covid

  1. What determines Covid Recovery? Recovery rates and symptoms, even “recovery” has caveats based upon severity and patient health baseline.
  2. How do you try to recover when you have Long Haul Covid?
  3. How do you know you have recovered from Covid? One experience does not fit all. For SOME, this question is still being processed.
    • St Luke’s Healthcare provided a nice reference of COVID19 Recovery Advice from people who had it (and recovered)
  4. Can you test positive for Covid after recovering?
  5. What is Healthcare Worker Covid recovery return to work criteria?
  6. What is the World Health Coronavirus Pandemic Recovery Plan?
  7. How does the CDC determine health fitness for travel?