COVID Long-Hauler: Dying to Feel Better!

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How Misguided Advice on COVID Recovery Can Kill Ya’

For the 10% of Covid Patients who are Coronavirus Long Haulers, smart COVID Recovery requires some planning and moderation. The desire to return to normal is intense. The misguided judgments of others can magnify that pressure. Post-COVID recovery patients must be careful when resuming exercise or following well-intended, but dangerous advice.

If you are not recovering according to the standard, it is difficult on many levels. If Novel Coronavirus average recovery in 2 weeks and doctors say you are recovered, why are you still feeling or acting sick?

You are too sick for too long. I think you just need more hard exercise. ~Some well intended misguided, ill informed well wisher

The COVID19 Global Pandemic has certainly had its share of communication challenges, myths, and misconceptions. For the greater percentage of Coronavirus Survivors, recovery is 14 days, some with no symptoms, some with horrific symptoms. However, it is important to remember that COVID’s impact is personal:

Covid endurance building is necessary, but starting simple is practical. Movement is key to rebuild strength can help recovery. Walking regularly can help, however trying to do too much could be dangerous. For sure it is not time to sign up for a 5K.

Tracking limitations and symptoms can be helpful in working with your medical and COVID Rehabilitation. Reach out to your doctor to discuss physical activity with your personal situation.


Take exercise slowly after COVID. COVID Blood Clotting can cause heart and lung damage in all ages and types of people. COVID is an equal opportunity threat, to people of all ages, and all levels of health and athleticism.


“COVID fatigue” is hitting hard. Fighting it is hard, too, says UC Davis Health psychologist”~ Kaye Hermanson, UC Davis Health psychologist


I am a reasonably strong willed person, with the capability of powering through lack of sleep, or presence of physical limitations to get things done.

I balance that strength of will with a persistent “stubborn” demeanor, a strong will, gone unmanaged. However, there is a gentle sense of practicality that comes from experience. This is my personal story about positive self support, and choosing to make the best life choices that support your life’s journey.


Being a Mom has been the best part of life.

SITUATION March 2006: This was the due date for Quinn, he was active in my second trimester of pregnancy, and then, very quiet. Too quiet. No kicking, fluttering. We did not tell others because of prior losses.

Summer 2006: an ill-informed “well-wisher” told me, 2 months after my last miscarriage of my son, “you know, if you just do not eat so much, you would not be so fat”. The reality was bitter, she had no idea what I was eating, nor that I was recovering from a devastating second-trimester pregnancy loss.

I was stubborn. I took her negative criticism to heart. I started working out, hard!! VERY hard. I began running. Her response: “a person your size has NO business running”! I signed up for a 5K, in the fall, and began preparation for dealing with the humiliating body shaming.

  • I ran 5K 2-3 times a week.
  • I belly danced once a week.
  • I danced zumba once a week.


I did it! I proved my right to enjoy life where I was. To embrace health and choose better. I came to realize that trusting my path had greater value than “showing her” how cruel her body-shaming was.

  • She said nothing as I proved a plus-size woman can run.
  • She said nothing as I proved a fat woman can run, or belly dance, and enjoy life.
  • She said nothing as I completed the 5K
  • She said nothing as I lost 60 pounds and 4 dress sizes from a Plus size to a regular size

So if the best thing she had to offer was negative, why did I give her so much space to influence my sense of wellness?

Negative motivation, while powerful, is not healthy

The best win from this was proving to MYSELF I was healthy and vital and loveable as I was. It was not about her cruelty anymore, it was about choosing to be my best self where I am and where I want to be.

Coronavirus Long Haul was the event that instilled this gentle sense of practicality. Covid taught me many important lessons on will-power and self-care.


Post-Covid Era challenges affect all during the pandemic. Global Pandemic impacts to job loss, economic, business, and social impacts brought challenges for all.

Cultivating a healthy self-care and positive self-image involves being okay with where you are, who you are, what you look like, your age, size, intellect, wealth, and health.

SITUATION: May 28, 2020 Safe Social distancing, wearing a mask and isolating at home. I went to the pharmacy and contracted COVID picking up my kid’s medicine.

June 4, 2020: began my journey with COVID at Emergency Room, NO traditional COVID Symptoms, I was having a stroke, with elevated blood pressure, left body weakness and numbness.

Crazy stuff people should not say to a COVID Long Hauler:
  • Covid, it’s just the latest version of the flu
  • It’s all in your mind, this is only a 2-week illness
  • It’s not Covid, maybe you just need to lose weight
  • Sick again? Really?
  • I read this story about hypochondria…
  • Stop going to the hospital, save room for the really sick people. unravels the complexity, dispels the myths, and celebrates healing. Coronavirus is complex, and patients are suffering while in need of a trusted resource to recover and track the latest findings. We are with you on the journey and are pleased to offer intelligence, news, networks, and emerging care resources.

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