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COVID SYMPTOMS: Sense of Smell and Taste

Coronavirus Center of Excellence Loss of Smell and Taste

Experts report that approximately 80% of COVID Patients suffer an ongoing loss of sense of smell and taste is diminished or gone.


COVID Symptoms start with a discovery of loss of sense of smell. This symptom is called hyposmia (diminished sense) or anosmia (complete loss). Because over 80% of the sense of taste is triggered by a sense of smell, the loss of the sense of smell triggers the sense of taste as well.


Smell Retraining Therapy (SRT) uses essential oils to retrain your sense of smell. The SRT method was developed in 2009 by Dr. Thomas Hummel at the University of Dresden and was used to help recover a sense of smell due to a viral infection or minor head trauma.

Here is an article for Do It Yourself Smell Retraining offers details on why the condition exists, and how smell retraining therapy helps.

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