COVID Vaccination Progress is Steady, Here’s why to keep your masks on

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COVID Vaccine Questions answered.   What is HERD IMMUNITY and when do we get there?  We have the shot, can we start travel and stop wearing masks?  


New Coronavirus Variants spread quickly.  If many refuse shots and mask-wearing, the Pandemic continues. At 70-85%, Herd Immunity wins. Long Haulers are more immune to the Asymptomatic.

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104.9 Million Received COVID Vaccines 

That is more than the number who have contracted coronavirus
Can we stop wearing masks?  Can we travel? 

As more have COVID Shots, thoughts go to travel, business, and borders reopening.   

Travelers face New COVID Travel policy requiring a 72 Hour Negative Covid Test for USA Entry.

Covid Vaccine scheduling is underway.  The Coronavirus is not for everyone,  including children under 16.

The COVID Pandemic continues growing:

New Coronavirus strains make Social Distancing and wearing masks imperative. 

  • 104 Million SARS-CoV-2 positive tests
  • 44 Countries with New COVID cases  
  • 2.26 million deaths
  • 10% positive Covid patients experience Long Haul symptoms for months
The NEW COVID Variants spread quickly.   
  • We are providing gap analysis and impact on existing vaccines and tests.
Immunization is not a silver bullet for immediate recovery.   

Post-vaccine demands continued social distancing, wearing a mask, avoiding contact.

Vaccine recipients are vulnerable for several weeks after the second dose.
  • The CDC is studying immunity effectiveness,  duration, and coverage.


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COVID 19 Center of Excellence Global Pandemic A-Z Guide and Resources


When 75-80% are immune to COVID, the result is HERD IMMUNITY. 
  • CoronaVirus Vaccine reaches full virus fighting efficiency 2 weeks after the second dose.
  • The New Variants are faster spreading viruses.
  • Even with both shots, continue to wear a mask and COVID Prevention.
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