COVID-19 Vaccines: Protect against COVID-19. Get ready for Covid immunization. Covid vaccines are safe and effective, but what are the side effects? References for all you wanted to know but were afraid to ask about COVID Vaccines.

Getting Ready for the Coronavirus Vaccination

  • Benefits of Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine | CDC
  • Scientists are still learning how well vaccines prevent you from spreading the virus.
  • CDC reports that COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective.
  • CDC and Medical scientists are still learning how long COVID-19 vaccines protect people.
  • CDC reports that you can not get COVID from a COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Covid-19 side effects after vaccination, are normal in most cases. Follow post Covid monitoring for your vaccine
  • It typically takes two weeks post vaccine for your body to build the protective immunities against the virus that causes COVID-19.
Here are CDC COVID-19 vaccines and how they work.
  1. Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine
  2. Moderna COVID-19 vaccine
  3. Johnson and Johnson’s Janssen COVID-19 vaccine

What are the symptoms or side effects I should know about the vaccine?

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) gathers data on post COVID 19 Vaccine Symptoms using V-safe After Vaccination Health Checker. V-Safe Health Checker is a new online and smartphone mobile app tool where users who post their COVID-19 vaccine experience, symptoms and side effects, goes to help others.

Experts are encouraging all who have been vaccinated to report symptoms and side effects as it is easy, useful and all to please sign up and simple to use the V-Safe Health Checker. Your feedback helps improve the reference tracking of issues and side effects and improve quality of vaccination safety.

V-safe does not provide medical advice. If you have symptoms or health problems of concern after COVID-19 vaccination, please contact your healthcare provider. If you have not been able to report your post-vaccination experience in v-safe (because of a missed or expired health check-in), you can report adverse events after vaccination to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System

  1. Go to Read the onscreen instructions and click Get Started.
  2. Enter your name, mobile number, and other requested information. Click Register.
  3. Receive a text message with a verification code on your smartphone. Enter the code in v-safe and click Verify.
  4. Finish the registration using your vaccination card.

When should I expect to get my vaccine?

Here we provide COVID-19 vaccination information regarding the COVID Vaccine, that our readers want to know. How do I even know when I can get mine?, your best shot at good health - learn more


This site offers much better detail on when or if, you qualify for getting a COVID Immunization sooner. It will let you schedule when your time is up, and remind you of the appointment. I found it easy and very convenient to use.

Here are the key steps to the COVID Vaccination process:
  1. Schedule your appointment
  2. Get Registered at the administration site
  3. Pass the Police or Secure screen at the front gate.
  4. Quick Survey by Vaccine Administrator on your health
  5. Receive the shot and your Follow up Shot date.
  6. Wait at the seating area provided for 10-15 minute
  7. Report in on the CDC Website daily, your symptoms

How is the Covid Vaccination Going Worldwide?

What is the global percentage of the population in our world, to date. who have received at least their first Covid19 Vaccine by Country?

What countries are most steadily administering COVID 19 vaccine doses, represented in a 7 day average of per 100 people in total population?