How India Border and Eid Il Fitr 2021 pose deathly risks for Bangladesh

Bangladesh Eid 2021 runs risk of Super Spreader Covid

Practical advice for Eid Il Fitr is to not travel. For thousands seen jamming into banks, bazaars, and river boats, it seems to suggest an air of caution thrown to the wind that poses deadly potential risk for Bangladesh. With borders to India, today the World Health Organization reported that India represents 50% of COVID Cases Reported last week. With intercountry travel between India and Bangladesh, and Bangladesh having 4,604 mutations of COVID in Bangladesh, People not practicing safe social distancing, wearing masks, and protecting their family, the risk of this Ramadan being a super spreader event putting Bangladesh at great peril, runs high. In Bangladesh, all of these reasons, whether vaccinated or not, are cause to keep masks on, social distance in focus, and keep your families safe.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will address the nation of Bangladesh on Thursdayin advance of Eid-ul-Fitr, which Bangladesh will celebrate Friday, May 14, 2021.

Bangladesh Eid Il Fitr 2021 is a time of tradition, of family, and celebration. As holidays approach, with Bangladeshi’s going to Kolkata when near the border of India, and Dhaka residents traveling across the rivers in various ports from Dhaka to their villages those who have not heeded the risks of Coronavirus safety, run the risk of being super-spreaders of COVID, thus impacting their community and their own family- impact to children, pregnant women, elderly or those with preexisting condition sickness.

The news is mixed, even for the vaccinated in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has successfully accomplished being the 17th position in the list of countries with the most number of people vaccinated for Covid-19. The great news is that Bangladesh had administered 2.67 million vaccine doses. The less than great news is that in Bangladesh the SARS COV-2, virus that causes Covid-19, has mutated 4,604 times in Bangladesh in the last five months and of those, at least 34 were new mutations not present around the world.

From the week of May 26, 2021, the snapshot will start to tell the story of not exercising COVID Precautions:

In Bangladesh as Ramadan comes to an end, and the country travels for Eid Il Fitr, the risk of COVID on families who travel without consideration for their family and the impact. Worldwide, families who have not taken precautions. How many will risk making their family ill and potentially fatally impacting their children, pregnant mothers, elderly, or critically ill in their nearest family? What will this do in villages, and as Bangladeshi’s return to work after the 14 day germination period of COVID?

We watch with horror the news stories of overcrowded, lack of caution, giving way to the next wave Super Spreader event. The Dhaka to Village River migration has already caused death from travel attempts in overcrowded heat intense, possible Covid positive and never diagnosed patients. This Eid more than others poses a serious risk to Bangladesh here is a picture of the 2 sources of critical danger starting this week.

Kolkata, India bordering Bangladesh and people crossing the borders moves Covid between countries.

On April 26, 2021 the land border crossing and air travel was closed with exception. Bangladeshi nationals who are in India and want to return home can return home with proof of Covid Free and proper quarantine. The challenge is Fake COVID-19 test certifications is a fraud racket that is profitable. Without proper management, and with proper bribes, the travel between India and Bangladesh could continue to spread.

Adjustments for COVID Pandemic in Bangladesh for Eid Il Fitr 2021 is troubling.

On the last days before Eid in Dhaka, people crowd the banks as if Covid is not even a consideration. The get their money and take to Shopping for the holidays. Not much difference from other holidays if you see the news :


Today is the last bank day before Eid. Proper mask-wearing and social distancing are the two most important factors to prevent COVID-19 transmission.

Banks are very Crowded, and without practicing safe social or physical distancing, is wearing a mask and staying at least 6 feet (about 2 arm lengths) from other people in public spaces. In this picture you see the mass of people jammed back to back, most wearing masks but some improperly wearing masks without their mouth and nose covered. In this back-to-back range, the spread of COVID is highly likely, especially if the banks are hot, people will pull the masks to air their face, and spread or receive the virus through the crowded area.

After the BANK CROWD Rush, They get their money, then travel about town they go shop in the overcrowded bazaars of Dhaka, many not wearing masks, their children exposed directly. Easing market restrictions to allow shopping seems to have the effect of people forgetting coronavirus regulation. If you are out in public without shots, without properly having your NOSE and MOUTH covered with the mask, you are a germ factory for covid in your community, and a risk to your family. If you bring your born and unborn children, out to crowded shopping areas without social distancing and masks, you are neglecting their protection and are a risk to your family.
THEN CROWDED BUSSES about the Capital in Dhaka

Migration from Dhaka in busy back to back bumper to bumper person to person crowding, with many in public not wearing masks. How many already have Covid and do not know it? How many have they come in contact within banks, shopping and busses?
Ferries from Dhaka to the Village is the last big risk.

Here is where residents of Dhaka travel to the ferries as they must cross the river at one of these locations to their home district, River Ferries from Dhaka to local Villages are swarmed, even in the latest of night. The Ferries are crowded with passengers of all ages, without masks, without social distancing.


May 12, 2021, snapshot of statistics on Bangladesh Government Official COVID site

If ONE of a family gets sick from Eid Il Fitr2021 traveling to their village, how many get sick from those they encountered in the banks, the shopping, the busses, the ferries. How many lives are threatened, how many will be sick or suffer death and disaster. Lack of caution makes COVID’s Next REGIONAL crisis begin. | Executive Women’s Network | Global Business With Bangladesh |  Global CyberFraud Prevention | Global Education Study Abroad | Health & Wellness COE | Global Healthcare & Managed Wellness COE | Jobs/Careers LI | Recruiters Network | RPA and AI Association |Vouch4Veterans

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