Long Covid Study: 205 symptoms, 10 body organs

205 symptoms, 10 body organs! 

3,762 Long COVID Patients in 56 Countries

This Study is an epic readout of the 205 symptoms in 10 body organs, which captures a comprehensive Long Covid Profile.  Many of us who suffer from Long Covid assert there is not enough work done to understand the data.  Let us partner to be part of the solution.

Analyzing this study, standardized emerges becomes a model of hopeful recovery.  The real interest was the progression of the illness, which more closely resembled my experience.

 “RunDMC” (a fellow and really smart Long Covid  VLogger, the Rappers) video of this study.   Headaches,  really monster Migraines, Sleep Disorders, Tingling Limbs, Dizziness, Heart issues, Pulmonary and the “trots’.  

Results develop a Long COVID profile of profound relevance.

At 6 Months, participants identified 66 symptoms that emerged steadily.  The Leading 3 symptoms were:

  • Fatigue
  • Post Exertion Malaise
  • Cognitive Dysfunction

By my 6 Months, I counted nearly 60% of  90 symptoms in the earlier study. As a Long Covid Survivor,  the volume and intensity of symptoms were overwhelming!

At month 7, most experienced some 14-15 symptoms a month. Strikingly 85% felt relapse symptoms, and it often seemed the trigger was stress response from physical or mental activity.   Foggy Thinking and mental processing are so debilitating that 43% to 47.2% at 7 months required work accommodations of a reduced schedule.

By my month 7, I made 12 trips to the hospital, 3 by 911 ambulance by 8 months. I had Health Insurance for January for the first time since my COVID Hospitalization. Volumes of records needed to be reviewed to start a plan before losing health insurance again in February.

We started the recovery plan and new meds before I lost insurance again.  My doctor rushed the labs, I monitor and baseline my vitals at home. My doctor hesitated to introduce a med. She is looking for an alternative because it will likely make me vomit and have diarrhea.   I laughed,

“I would not experience that side effect.  I spend over an hour after most meals sick with those 2 symptoms and dozens more, for 4 months!” 

I want to thank the offers who wrote this incredible study.   I would like to see their work complete its peer review with good medical publication and medical community acceptance.    COVID is not a “specialty” solution; it needs a data-driven approach with a holistic view.


Characterizing Long COVID in an International Cohort: 7 Months of Symptoms and Their Impact

AUTHORS: Hannah E. Davis, Gina S. Assaf, Lisa McCorkell, Hannah Wei, Ryan J. Low, Yochai Re’em,
Signe Redfield, Jared P. Austin, Athena Akrami 



We can manage and improve the effects of Long COVID by leveraging this powerful report. Baselining and emerging standards capabilities to understand, and address the  205 symptoms in 10 body organs.

  • 66 recurrent commonly occurring symptoms were identified
  • 3 top symptoms  Fatigue, Post Exertion Malaise, Cognitive Dysfunction
  • Regular study of the timeline and progression of the illness holds many possibilities
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Dawn C Simmons is CEO of Covid19 Center of Excellence, a So Innovate LLC Solution meant to connect healthcare and Covid 19 Patients.

My Name is Dawn Christine Simmons (Khan), founder of Covid19 Center of Excellence.

We produced a SURVIVING COVID A-Z Guide, a result of the collaboration of our members to help collect lessons learned, and evolve our approach to healing.

We have begun the development of Coronavirus tools to help others learn what we learned as we learn to survive and someday to recover.

Over the course of my Long Haul experience, I began with a stroke alert, sudden Covid Onset Diabetes, and by 7 am the next day, COVID.

Since this time, by Month 8 I have made 12 hospital visits, 3 by 911 Ambulance:

  • Heart Pain: Angina
  • Tingling Neuropathic pain.
  • Right Otitis Media: Ear Infections and ringing ears with loss of hearing
  • Multiple Hypertensive Crisis with Breathing, Chest Pain, and low pulse Oxygen at 91%
  • Major Depressive Disorder: Acute Anxiety
  • Unmanaged Migraine and Insomnia, Vomiting, Gastrointestinal issues
  • Purapura: Petichiae on Chest, Stomach, and Legs
  • Sepsis
  • Several 911 Ambulance Emergencies for Critical Unmanaged Heart Pain, resolved by Nitroglycerin.
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