NEW COVID TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS, Contactless Digital Travel Credentials.

International Travelers should be aware of New Covid Travel Restrictions requiring a Negative Covid Test to Travel. Cyber Criminals are exploiting unaware or desperate travelers to purchase Fake Covid Tests to satisfy the new travel conditions. Digital Health Passports extend Contactless Travel improving public safety and avoiding COVID Scams.

COVID Negative Test to Travel Policy

Travelers may be denied entry due to incomplete or invalid negative COVID test results. Awareness of live COVID Travel Recommendation by Destination can help prepare for new regulations. Business Traveller listed Airports offering Covid19 Testing. Some airports offer services for $120-$250 as an on-demand service in 15 minutes.

Some Travelers become victims of Covid Black Market Crime. When Travelers can not complete COVID19 Test Requirement 72 hours prior to the flight, the rush is on. Some are innocent victims of fraud. Others deliberately engage in fraudulent black market services.

Whatever the reason, Fake Covid Tests cause real problems for Cyber Crime Victims and Public Safety issues. Better Digital Health Certification validates patient travel fitness.

Black Market For Fake Covid Tests

The USA Health and Human Services issued a Fraud alert regarding global Fake Covid Travel Certificates scams.

COVID-19-related scams deliver legitimate-looking COVID-19 tests regardless of passenger fitness to travel, sickness, or immunity health. Black Market Covid victims exploitations can include:

  • loss of money
  • penalties, and possible criminal charges
  • identity theft
  • denied access to the country travel destination
How does the scam work?

Scammers are marketing services by seemingly legitimate text and travel messages, social media, and in-person. Victims of the fraudulent COVID certifications may be innocent fraud victims, or aware of the risk, but desperate to travel.

With professional eCommerce Portals, Travelers upload their identity, pay the fee of +$175, and upload all of their most sensitive personal information. In moments, travelers receive a certificate of Negative Covid Test.

Travelers without proper COVID Travel and Passport might engage premium Black-Market Services for an expedited real looking physical passport and travel certificate for around $13,567, and authentic proofs of identity.


Paris airport authorities charged a seven-member Cyber Criminal Team with selling Fake Certifications at $180 – $360 (€150 to 300).  Their arrest was the result of an investigation of a fraudulent COVID TEST Certification purchased from the team, by an Ethiopian bound air traveler.


COVID Travel Black Market crime is a worldwide issue.  Travelers who purchase the Fake Covid Test fall victim to further exploits, including Credit Card or Identity Theft from dark web passport identity theft.

Black-market Covid Fraud is profitable Cyber Crime:
  • Dark Web prices of a digital passport scan can range from $14.71 – $32.00
  • Proof of address utility bill or driver’s license with passport scan $61.27.
  • Dark Web price for stolen, counterfeit, physical passport is $1,478.


Covid19 Immunizations require sound reopening criteria. Each Country must establish regulatory controls, language, fraud, air travel certification, and public safety.

The  International Air Transport Association (IATA) Travel Centre provides traveler advisory including:

  • country-specific travel help
  • regional passports and Immigration Requirements
  • COVID document requirements
  • Public health, safety, and transit alerts
The USA Now Requires Negative Covid 19 Test

The USA requires a Negative Covid Test for all Travelers. Effective January 2021, New travel policy requires certified Covid Negative evidence validated against passport information.

The U.S. CDC requires the following negative COVID-19 Test evidence:   
  • Coronavirus NAAT or antigen Disease Test Result of “Negative” or “COVID-19 not detected”
  • Test certification three days before the first airport departure date
  • Certified traveler’s negative laboratory test result matched to the traveler’s passport identification
COVID Recovery Documentation must include:
  • Proof of antibody “positive” or “detected” 90 days before departure
  • Travel clearance letter from a licensed health care provider or public health official
  • Traveler’s test and name match traveler’s passport identification
Mediterranean Island of Cyprus Reopens with COVID19 Vaccine

Cyprus is the First EU Member state to open borders in March 2021, with COVID 19 Vaccination evidence.  Traveler incentive offers begin June 2021 to re-energize a twice shut tourism economy.

Israel issues a Temporary 3- day or 6-month Conditional Passport

Israel’s health ministry initiated a “green passport” for certified Covid Patient Vaccination or Recovery from COVID-19. Israel offers two valid passport offerings:

  • Health officials who test COVID negative may receive a temporary 72-hour green passport.
  • Israeli Vaccinated or COVID19 “Certified as Recovered” patients may receive 6-month passports.

Digital Travel Credentials promote safe Air Travel

WebMD shared the benefits of a mobile digital health “passport” of valid COVID19 Health Credentials. Digital Air Travel Credentials create a Modern Healthy contactless travel solution.

Digital Air Travel Credential Benefits

International Travel information more frequently during COVID Global Pandemic. Airlines provide pre-flight COVID testing options.  With Location, Language, and Lab Certification there is a need for Global standards and Digital Health Passports. Forbes names CommonPass, a leader in traveler digital health passport credentials:

  • Government-certified valid digital passport
  • Medical Lab verified Covid Test Results.
  • Passenger mobile, destination-based travel, and health advisory
  • Location-based Travel tests, vaccines, and certifications.
Digital Health Passports CommonPass Tests are Successful

United Airlines and Cathay Airlines successfully tested traveler digital health passports solution called  CommonPass.

Travelers may present Digital Health Passports where available, for efficient COVID-19 border requirements now extends to 5 additional major airlines.


Business and International Travelers should be aware of:

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