Protections against COVID Tenant Eviction

California Renter Relief Act moratorium now set to last until the end of June, tenants who pay at least 25% of rent receive eviction protections

California SB91 Protects against COVID Tenant Eviction. On January 29, 2021, Governor Newsom  signed California Senate Bill 91 making it the USAs greatest protections COVID related Renter eviction relief. This article covers resources COVID Related Tenant Landlord Crisis. 

COVID19- USA National Renter Landlord Relief 

Coronavirus Crisis and Essential Protections for COVID-19 AND TENANT PROTECTIONS AGAINST EVICTION:

The Global Pandemic results in devastating loses of financial, health, and health insurance; multiplied by a traumatic Tenant fear of COVID joblessness or sickness leading to eviction and homelessness.

California Renter Eviction Protection Bill.
Eviction Notice Document and Senate Bill 91

California’s SB91 is Most Comprehensive COVID Tenant Landlord Relief

California lawmakers agreed to $2.6 billion in federal stimulus money for  up to 80% of some tenants’ unpaid rent. SB 91  is the most comprehensive Tenant Landlord Relief Bill in the USA.

California Apartment Association provides and informative view into SB91 provisions and requirements 

SB 91New State Rental Assistance and Extension of COVID-19 Tenant Relief Act , protecting Renters in California from eviction, effective Jan.29, 2021! The New California State Rental Assistance Program Applications are expected March 2021.

California Government Landlord and Tenant Housing Is Key  providing Landlord and Tenant COVID Resources.    For renters and landlords in the State of California this establishes:

Tenant’s must demonstrate proof of hardship to their landlord.

The landlord can not:

  • Charge or attempt to collect late fees
  • Increase or charge new fees for service not provided prior

The Tenant Must:

  • SB91 State government structure assists Landlords, where qualified, low income housing with up to 80% past due rent paid to landlords.
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California Lawmakers SB91, Protects against COVID Tenant Eviction

CALIFORNIA GOVERNOR SIGNED the USA’s most comprehensive COVID US National State and Local Coronavirus protections of Renter Eviction Protection and Landlord hardships:

  • California SB91, the USAs most comprehensive Rent Relieve Plan.
  • Renters who have paid 25% of rent and provided a valid Declaration of COVID-19-Related Financial Distress are protected from eviction
  • Landlords can not charge late charges or create new charges not charged before
  • COVID Coronavirus A-Z Center of Excellence Guide features National Apartment Association, California Apartment Association and Tenant and Renter Relief References.
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