USA News: COVID19 Vaccination and Case Management


This past week COVID immunizations tallied about 730,000 people a day. 

 ~ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

President Biden held a bipartisan conference of governors to discuss the successes and best practices of each state’s Covid-19 vaccination programs. The US has delivered over 220 Million Shots in the first 100 days. This is not Democratic or Republican progress, it is American Progress! Highlight attendees at this conference included;

  • Governor Mills of Maine. Maine has incentives from local business to encourage vaccines. Nearing 70% of adults having been vaccinated. Over 1.2 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine into the arms of Maine people
  • Governor DeWine of Ohio has increased the number if immunization centers from 650 to 1,900 establishing new mobile clinics and pop-up places daily.
  • Governor Cox of Utah Is leveraging community leaders church, community voices to encourage vaccination to improve results. They suggest modeling what a fully vaccinated person can do.
  • Governor Walz of Minnesota over 60% of Minnesota is vaccinated. Some events are offering the Saints’ giveaway of ticket vouchers at Tuesday night’s home opener for fans who received their vaccinations at the MN Saints stadium. The Mayo Clinic supported the importance of vaccinations, its improved the burden of hospitals. Local trust in partnerships. “Get vaccinated now, if you don’t like me, so you are alive to vote “against” me .
  • Governor Baker of Massachusetts an impressive over 70% of adults are vaccinated. This is giving them a huge step toward herd immunity benefits.
  • Governor Lujan Grisham of New Mexico. 56% of people over 16 years old have received at least one dose, and 38% are fully vaccinated and only ONE state has a higher full vaccination rate. Important statistic is that New Mexico has the highest poverty rate,

Hospitalizations and deaths are down as the result of vaccination. The rate of US new Covid cases improved to an average 38,800 cases per day Monday. Johns Hopkins University reported that the first time daily case counts are below 40,000 since September.

Why is Vaccination So Important for our world?

  • Vaccinated people can start doing more outdoors and in public, with others that are fully vaccinated.
  • It is the best way to protect your community, your family, and yourself from this Covid Pandemic with its different “impacts’
  • Covid shots are safe and effective, and much better than facing COVID itself.


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