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Welcome to the Coronavirus COVID 19 Center of Excellence (COE) Portal! Coronavirus is Global Pandemic that is mutating into new strains, in a path of death and destruction. As a result we provide current innovation, information and the healthcare heroes that help flatten the curve, reduce suffering and provide how to promote Covid protection, prevention, survival.

10% of COVID Patients suffer over 205 various COVID Post Recovery symptoms months after Negative Covid Testing we provide a center of excellence in response to the challenges of COVID Long Hauler Patients everywhere. 

The needs is great during this Global Pandemic, to  reduce suffering provide critical recovery resources and liberate the Long Haulers.  In response to these New Viral Strains, and Existing Long Haul Recovery challenges, we share the best of COVID19 tools homecare , healthcare, health insurance,  crisis employment, housing and access to food. 


Benefits of a Modern Healthcare Center Of Excellence

We connect and communicate trusted COVID resources, supporting Long Haul COVID patient’s who are suffering severe outcomes. We centralize informed Coronavirus  recovery paths.  and dispeling myths and misconceptions of this deadly virus’s long-term consequences. 

The Coronavirus COVID 19 Center of Excellence (COE) focus on:

  • Covid Global Pandemic resources and best practices
  • Coronavirus Clinical Trials and leading Mobile App tools
  • Pandemic Crisis health and human services, insurance,  crisis employment, housing information
  • Community Coronavirus and public healthcare resources: 

Our COVID-19 Community Services deliver COVID Pandemic Global health care and social services information to vulnerable populations connecting  members to Information, Coronavirus Clinical Trials and tools. 

Coronavirus COVID 19 Center of Excellence (COE)  is building an expert COVID Community for:

  • Protection, prevention and recovery services and products
  • Mobile Applications and Tools for tracking, managing, and improving healthcare issues
  • Health Pulse Surveys to share experience
  • Coronavirus News and information
  • Coronavirus care advances in care, diagnostics, best practices
  • Covid Long Haul Support Centers of Excellence worldwide.

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